Mama D’s African Cuisine

Opening: January 2021


1240 S Soto St, Los Angeles, CA 90023
Hours of Operation:
No business hours known.

Information on the new opening of Mama D’s African Cuisine

Mama D’s is a recently opened African restaurant in Boyle Heights. Chef Dorothy Wanki (a.k.a. “Mama D”), is serving a variety of meals, pastries, and snacks originating from Cameroon. On the menu you can find excellent Cameroonian dishes by the eponymous Mama’s daughter, Claudia. You can find dishes like achu, a traditional dish made with cocoyams, yellow sauce, and smoked meat, the peanut-based ndole, goat meat pepper soup, and African meat pies.

If you are not sure what to order, try the Classic African Lunch - a rich, bright-red tomato stew paired with fragrant white rice.

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Reported by Tanja on 01/26/2021

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