About Us

Openings24.com saw the light of day in 2020. It is the first and so far only directory for grand openings in the USA and originated as an offshoot from the German grand opening portal https://www.neueroeffnung.info/.

So far, several thousand grand openings have been registered across the country.

What does Openings24 offer?

As a visitor you will find tens of thousands of current grand openings of stores, restaurants, hotels, recreational facilities and venues from many other industries in your surrounding areas.

You will find out the specific opening date, the address, opening hours, corresponding Opening offers and further background information about the company.

Why does Openings24 exist?

Often one does not even take note, if a new store or a new restaurant around the corner opens.

Just as often, planned grand openings are postponed due to construction delays or official requirements, making exciting to find out when the grand opening finally takes place.

Therefore Openings24.com exists as a directory for grand opening events and Announcements for reopenings after renovations.

How does Openings24.com work?

Openings24.com content is provided directly by business representitives, making it fully "user-generated Content".

That means: Everyone can go on the search for grand openings and the framework data.

This alone makes it possible that thousands of grand openings or reopenings in a running month throughout the country can be collected and published.

Where does the information come from?

Many points of contact come into question as a source for grand openings:

  • Reporting from local newspapers
  • Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Announcements on the company's own website
  • Classifieds
  • Announcements in front of the store
  • ...

Editorial guidelines

We consider it our responsibility to provide you, the visitor, with objective, reliable and accurate information.

Therefore, all entries from registered users will be reviewed by moderators and moderated accordingly.

In this way, we ensure that no misinformation or outdated information, which due to the previously mentioned shifts frequently and quickly arise, are published.

Likewise, we always strive to keep the information already published up to date and to publish any changing information as quickly as possible, which is admittedly not easy with several tens of thousands of grand openings taking place.

Advertising guidelines

At Openings24.com, we accept advertising from third parties (advertisers), including banners, advertorials, contextual advertising, and content created or provided by an advertiser (collectively referred to as "advertising") in order to fund.

Like you, we do not like intrusive and excessive advertising that takes the fun out of Internet surfing and check the above content with care.

Our highest premise is to align them with our target audience.

Editorial work is not influenced by advertising partnerships. This means that the interests of clients are not relevant to the above editorial Guidelines.

We exclude the following industries entirely:.

  • Gambling
  • Eroticism
  • Pornography
  • Weapons
  • Tobacco
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