Report a new opening and collect cash

For each new opening or reopening you receive up to 10,000 points, which you can immediately exchange for cash. With us there is no minimum payout limit, i.e. you can withdraw cash from the very first message. The payout is possible with PayPal or Skrill and takes place within 3 working days!

This is how it works:

1. Register for free
2. Report new openings
3. Collect your payment

This is how much you make:

3,000 points ($0.30) for each entry
2,000 points ($0.20) for each updated date in an entry

The ways you can request your payout:

Paypal (immediately, no minimum amount required for withdrawal)
Skrill (immediately, no minimum amount required for withdrawal)

All payments can take a maximum of 3 working days to process.

Openings you can report:

  • shops, facilities, service providers that open or reopen (in the US) and are open to the public
  • new openings in the future, or no older than 2 months
  • openings that have not been reported already (no duplicates)

Important: Description text must be original. Cutting/pasting from other websites or postings is not permitted! The text must describe the new opening appropriately and must not be artificially stretched.

We will not regard this as a new opening:

  • temporary events and exhibitions
  • seasonal reopening (e.g. outdoor swimming pools)
  • enhancements within existing stores (for example, non-independent package shops)
  • departments in hospitals
  • playgrounds
  • branches/administrative bodies of enterprises without public access
  • show homes
  • online stores
  • housing facilities
  • parking garages
  • automated teller machines (ATMs)
  • facilities that are not open to the public such as fire stations

Tip - here are some sources for finding new openings:

  • via Google search (for example: 'new stores' and 'store openings')
  • via Google alert
  • on Facebook
  • in the local newspaper
  • on a walk through the city
  • in job portals
  • on ebay
  • on the websites of large chain stores
  • mailed advertisements
  • The source of an entry must contain a reference to a new opening/reopening. Entries based on information from job advertisements will not be accepted as sources.

    Similarly, Facebook events may only be indicated with the original source, i.e. directly via Facebook, not via event pages that list the events.

Convert points to dollars:

100,000 points = 10 dollars
50,000 points = 5 dollars
5,000 points = 50 cents

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