Chichen Itzá

Opening date: October 2021


277 E 10th St., New York, NY 10009
Hours of Operation:

Mon: 15:00–22:30
Tue: 15:00–22:30
Wed: 15:00–22:30
Thu: 15:00–23:00
Fri: 15:00–23:00
Sat: 11:00–23:00
Sun: 11:00–22:30

Store opening of Chichen Itzá in New York

There's a new Mexican restaurant in the East Village. Here you can get everything from lengua tacos and albondigas to mole poblano and chicken enchiladas. There are just about a dozen tables inside, and it's pretty cozy.

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Reported by Tanja on 11/24/2021

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